Monday, June 8, 2015

essence eyeliner pen waterproof 01 review and swatch

After using alverde eyeliner i was really depressed for their lasting power and was searching for long lasting eyeliner and of-course which is water proof. Because i have to stay whole day in university for my hiwi job and for my masters program. essence brand is really cheap brand in Germany. I am a big fan of their nail-polish. This is the first time i brought their cosmetic stuff which essence eyeliner pen.  For the beginner who cannot make perfect wings i think this pen is perfect for learning.

The pen head is really thin and easy to draw a curve on eye. And it also dry so fast after using on eye. The color is so dark and perfect for black skin tone. And of-course it is long lasting. I use it in morning and went to university than come back at home at night. So it easily last 8-10 hours. Now let come to main point that is it water proof as the brand claim it is water proof? Now the answer is "Not really". If you try to draw a line just using the eye liner only one time  and don't continue the eyeliner second time on top of the same line than after one wash it goes fade totally. But If you draw a line by putting eyeliner 2/3 times on top of the same line than it didn't fade up by one wash.

Hope you enjoy my review!!

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