Sunday, May 22, 2016

Journey to Prague

Hello everyone, This is my first blog post about my travelling! So today i am going to talk about one of the city i visited few days ago. And it is beautiful Prague.  Prague is a capital of Czech Republic. I went there from Vienna (Soon i will post about my Vienna tour ).

Prague, Czech Republic

Transport : I went to Prague from Vienna by meinfernbus. Meinfernbus is a really cheap and flexible to go any country. I am saying flexible because by this bus you can go lots of places in Europe. And if you miss your bus you can refund your money or want to cancel your booking they will allow you without taking any extra money. From Vienna to prague it takes 4 hours.

Hotel: I stayed in HOTEL BÍLÝ LEV.  I choose Bily Lev because it is really near from the main city. From the hotel by foot it take only 15 min to reach main city and 20 min to reach bus station.  
Obecni Dum(municipal house)
This building  is the one of the front side of  main city. Opposite of this building they have a big shoping complex where you can find sephora, mac and many other branded cosmetics. If you go on the left side of the building you will find a road where lots of different shops (Example: souvenir shop, food shop,) are available. End of the road you will find famous Astronomical clock.

Astronomical clock
Around Astronomical clock you will find church and also will see some people will ask you to have a ride with electric chariot vespa scooter.  If you take it you dont need to walk a long way to go the hill. where you will find Prague Castle, Church of Our Lady before Týn and zlatá ulička. 

electric chariot vespa scooter
Prague Castle
Church of Our Lady before Týn
But if you just take a walk from the city you will reach to Charles bridge, which will be 15 min walk. And you can also cross the Charles bridge by foot and dont forget to take selfies! And after cross the bridge you can go to the hill by foot gain to see the castle and other thing, which will take almost half an hour. 
Charles bridge
Food if you are in Prague dont forget to eat Trdelnik- A warm, hot dessert or snack. It’s kinda like a ring of donuts made with sweet bread covered in sugar, cinnamon and crushed almonds. You can take trdelnik with ice cream, nutella or just say i dont want anything with it. You can find lots of Vietnam restaurant in Prague. 
Overall i stayed 2 days in Prague it was really nice trip for me! lots to see. Cant give all the picture here on my blog but i think i showed here all the main attraction.

Hope you like it!!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Maybelline eye makeup remover review

hello everyone! I came again with a new blog post on eye makeup remover from Maybelline . Maybe you already saw before my review about Balea eye makeup remover. So by this post i will tell the comparison about Balea eye makeup remover and Maybelline eye makeup remover . So lets start! Normally every day in my personal life i use eyeliner, with out eyeliner i cant think to go out. So  in my life a good eye makeup remover is really important for me!

what i find first in comparison is that Maybelline (2.95 euro) is expensive then Balea (1.5 euro). But if you think both of them separately they are cheap. They both are drugstore brand. Available in any drugstore. Both of them contain oil and remover. Before using i shake it very well then put on cotton pad and then use it. Balea and Maybelline both remove any kind of eyeshadow very genteelly.  Dont irritate my eyes while using it.

Normally i dont use false eye lashes i use two different mascara to make my natural eyelashes more voluminous (if you want a blog post about how to make your natural eyelashes more voluminous let me know!). So when i tried to remove those heavy mascara Balea dont work that good i mean it fail to remove all the mascara from my eyelashes so quickly and without irritate me! But Maybelline works perfectly. It remove the mascaras quicker then balea.

For caring you do not need to worry about that the water and oil will come out from the bottle container.  It comes with really good quality cap which help to close it perfectly.

Hope you like my review! Prost!!!