Saturday, May 21, 2016

Maybelline eye makeup remover review

hello everyone! I came again with a new blog post on eye makeup remover from Maybelline . Maybe you already saw before my review about Balea eye makeup remover. So by this post i will tell the comparison about Balea eye makeup remover and Maybelline eye makeup remover . So lets start! Normally every day in my personal life i use eyeliner, with out eyeliner i cant think to go out. So  in my life a good eye makeup remover is really important for me!

what i find first in comparison is that Maybelline (2.95 euro) is expensive then Balea (1.5 euro). But if you think both of them separately they are cheap. They both are drugstore brand. Available in any drugstore. Both of them contain oil and remover. Before using i shake it very well then put on cotton pad and then use it. Balea and Maybelline both remove any kind of eyeshadow very genteelly.  Dont irritate my eyes while using it.

Normally i dont use false eye lashes i use two different mascara to make my natural eyelashes more voluminous (if you want a blog post about how to make your natural eyelashes more voluminous let me know!). So when i tried to remove those heavy mascara Balea dont work that good i mean it fail to remove all the mascara from my eyelashes so quickly and without irritate me! But Maybelline works perfectly. It remove the mascaras quicker then balea.

For caring you do not need to worry about that the water and oil will come out from the bottle container.  It comes with really good quality cap which help to close it perfectly.

Hope you like my review! Prost!!! 

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