Thursday, August 6, 2015

RINGANA Cream concentrate and Hydroserum review and swatch

One year ago one of my friend says she is using a natural cosmetics they are nice and she gave me to use one hydroserum and one creme concentrate sample. My skin is totally mixed skin like nose, forehead is oily and check is dry. So in summer my skin gets oily so soon under the sun. I was searching a cream which will not make my skin oily but moisturize it. And after get the sample i started to use  and and guess what i found my desire one. so i order big size but it quite bit expensive  cream is 41.40 euro and hydroserum is 45.10 euro. But i will say it worth the price. You will not get them at any store, you have to order online on their official website.

RINGANA Cream concentrate and Hydroserum

They send me the product really nice way. The cream and hydroserum wrapped with two small white towel. I like about this product is that the active substances are different for different skin cream. They keep in mind about your skin type. They have 4 different skin type cream. skin type 1: oily skin. skin type 2: normal skin, mixed skin. skin type 3: skin tending toward dryness. skin type 4: extremely dry skin. As i told before my skin is mixed skin So i brought cream Concentrate 2. And hydroserum is for skin type 1,2,3 which fall in my skin type.

RINGANA Cream concentrate and Hydroserum
RINGANA Cream concentrate and Hydroserum

Hydroserum: RINGANA says hydroserum regenerates the natural supply of moisture. Precious substances such as aloe vera, olive leaf extract and rose water have a concentrated and long lasting effect upon all of the layer of your skin. Regulate the skin's natural moisture balance. Increase luminosily and supleness.
Active substances: Ectonine, black cumin oil, totarol, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, bud extract.

RINGANA Hydroserum

Cream Concentrates: RINGANA says silicone oils have been avoided. Refines and strengthens the complexion, supplies the deepest layers of cells.
Active substances: Avocado oil, shea butter, evening primrose, oil, macadamia nut oil, coenzyme Q10, bisabolol.

RINGANA Cream concentrate

RINGANA Cream concentrate and Hydroserum

My skin completely absorbed the cream so nicely. I dont feel so heavy or sticky. Hydroserum is more thin and liquidy than the cream. But after using hydroserum i dont need to wait for apply the cream because hydroserum has completely soaked in. So i can use one after another so shortly.

RINGANA Cream concentrate and Hydroserum