Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bi-Oil photos and review

Happy new year my followers and friends!! Recently i want use something new for my skin, then i saw kim kardashian talked about Bi-oil. And also heard that Bio-Oil is the number-one selling item in New Zealand pharmacies, according to an Aztec Data study. So i went to dm and found this product which cost 8.85 euro for 60ml (which i brought), 17.95 for 125ml. 

Every night before going to bed i started to use these oil on my leg and hand. You dont need to take too much oil for massage because these oil is really thick. Small quantity is enough. I can say that these product is rock just use it and sleep, then next morning you can see the magic of it! It works surprisingly on my dry skin so quickly. My skin absorbs the oil well and the complexion looks well maintained. Definitely a replacement product for me.  I'm going to use the oil in any case continue and recommend it with pleasure.

Hope you enjoy my review!!!

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