Saturday, March 26, 2016

Cetaphil bodywash lotion review

Happy Easter Sunday all my followers and readers!  Summer is coming and i was promise my self that before summer i will talk about Cetaphil body wash lotion on my blog. Here i go!! Normally in summer i cant go under sun with out using sun protection lotion. My skin is so thin, if i don't use sun protection lotion i get some kind of red rashes on my skin. For that i went to doctor but they cant find any diseases. So they gave me this body wash lotion for daily use. And yes i got good result from it. And by my this post i want to say them thank you so much for saving my skin!

Who ever have really sensitive skin like me for them i will recommend this body wash! You can find it in Germany any apotheke. The body wash lotion is not so thick but you don't need to take too much lotion to make foam. Also smell little bit like coconut , which don't annoyed me that much. And most nice thing about this body wash lotion is that i am not only using it in summer also in winter, and after bath i don't feel cracks on my skin in winter.
And i hope upcoming summer i will not get any rashes like last summer!

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