Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Reason to change my blog name from "sumitrastuff" to "beauty n black"

Freiburg (German) dont have sephora. So normally i cant buy lots of brand product which i love to buy. After my semester me and my friends went to Prague to have vacation. And my friends know that how much i am in love with cosmetics. So when they found sephora at Prague city center they was waiting for me almost half an hour outside of sephora. I appreciate their understanding for me. :-)
I was so excited when i was going inside of sephora. I took a round and ask a lady that i want try nars lipstick and blush. And her behave was so surprising for me because she looks at me and said which one you want to buy. Its fell like if i try i have to buy. Then i told her i want to try schiap and bette . Then she just gave me the lipstick without cleaning it and said "there is mirror" and she gone (And the shop was not too much crowded ).I will definitely understand her stress if they had too much customer and she had to give time to others. I went to the mirror and i want to take off  my personal lipstick so i went to her and ask her and she showed me a table and said "all is there" and was standing where she was. But when i was trying the lipsticks i saw she was looking at me and making fun on me with her other colleague , i know i am not eye candy like you , i know i am short, and i also know it is not written on my face how much money i earn per month. Then she just came to me and ask (like a order "which one you buy or not at all?") I was so much angry on her behavior but i control my-self and i brought 150 euro stuff then her behavior totally changed and she was smiling and asking what sample i want. 

Is the world is always like that? Is the world judging people only by skin? Is the world only give respect who have money?

So i decided to change my blog name "sumitra stuff" to "Beauty n Black". I already deleted my 8000+ facebook page because Facebook dont allow me to change my page name. Now you can understand how serious i am.

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  1. Aww dear, im so sorry to hear about your experience! I did heard similar stories before about rude behavior of SA. A store like Sephora definitely should train their SA's to behave well regardless of the state of a customer! If they were really pointing out to skin then it's seriously disgusting!

    At the beginning I kinda liked your new blog name but after knowing the story I truly feel sad!

    much love... GreenStory