Monday, September 23, 2013

Inspired Look

Today i tried a quick eye art, which i inspired by KarolinaZientek. Hope u will like it!!

Product used for eye:
                                 1. nyx jumbo pencil in milk and purple
                                 2. Miss and mrs eye kajol in black
                                 3. Golden rose eye shadows palate
                                 4. Lancome eye shadow palate
                                 5. Flormar eye shadow palate
                                 6. Botanics matte eyeliner.
                                 7. False eyelashes.

Step1: On my crease and brow bone use Lancome eyeshadow from Lancome eye shadow palate. And blend it very well.

step 2: First use nyx jumbo pencil in milk after that Used no 2, 3 color on my whole eye lid. and blend them again very well.
Golden rose eye shadows palate

step 3: Now draw line on my upper eye lid and make a wings  in outer corner and inner corner by using Miss and mrs eye pencil in black. On the top that used Botanics eyeliner. In my inner corner of eye use silver eyeshadow for reflection from flormar eyeshadow palate.

step 4: In water line first use nyx jumbo in purple and on top of it use Lancome eyeshadow in purple from Lancome eyeshadow palate.and blend them well.

step5: Finished with using false eyelashes and Flormar lashlift water proof mascara.

Hope u will enjoy it.. Take love..

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