Monday, October 7, 2013

Rainbow arabic makeup

Hello beautiful, today i show u how to do bright Arabic makeup. I m very excited about this look.

Product use: 1. Nyx jumbo pencil in milk
                     2. Non brand 120 eyeshadow palate
                     3. Botanics matte eyeliner
                     4. false eyelashes 
                     5. Flormar lash lift volume mascara

                step1: First use Nyx jumbo pencil on my eye lid as a eyeshadow base. After that use a yellow(no 1 and no2) color from 120 eyeshadow palate on inner corner of eye. Blend them very well.
                step2: Next the orrange color (no 3) from 120 eyeshadow palate next to the yellow one. and blend with yellow one to get smooth transaction.

               step3: Before go on the eyeshadow color apply next to the orange one need to decide what kind of shape i wana have. Therefor i am garbing a black eyeshadow creating a counter outer corner of eye. Now filling the empty space with dark purple(no 5) eyeshadow next to the counter. In between orange and dark purple use a light purple(no 4) color. and blend the harsh line
                 step 6: By using Botanics matte eyeliner create a simple line upper my lash line. Move on the lower lash line it hardly describe the motion so just follow my picture. now fill the water line and apply the same eyeshadow color on top. and design the lower lash line. Apply some white color(no 6) to the empty space between upper and lower outer corner part of my makeup.

              step 7: Use as a highlighter (no 7) to highlight my brow bone. Use false eyelashes on my upper lashes. and finis with mascara.

 Hope u like it!!! Enjoy!!!!