Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Essence anti-pickel tupfer - Spot killer

This year i went to India in march, after went their i got a pimple. But after came back Bangladesh don't know why when its getting well i got another one on it... And as a result i got really bad dark spot on my face...I cant remove it after using a lot of stuff.. Than i went to essence shop in Germany where a lady gave me this spot killer..

After using this spot killer continuously 2 month i saw miracle that my dark spot gone. You have to shake it well before use on your dark sport. The color of the liquid is white. And also not expensive. The jar  made with glass. But not that much heavy easy to carry in makeup bag.

The brush is really good it help you to use the liquid. And the liquid do not spread on face. Where you will use it on face liquid will be stay their on spot.. After some minute the liquid is getting dry. In instruction they say that wash it after when it dry.. But i didn't wash it. Bcz when its getting dry it automatically fall from face. It's take time to reduce the sport but i am happy that it's really work.

Hope everyone enjoy my review!! xoxo