Monday, July 11, 2016

Journey to Spain - Barcelona

Hello everyone! In 2015 octobor i went to Barcelona in Spain. Who dont know Barcelona right? At least who loves soccer and support Barcelona team, it is a dream place for them. I am in those people!

TRANSPORT: Last year megabus had a offer, in which they took people from Freiburg to Barcelona. And yes i didnt miss it, i went with my 3 other friends. I took their offer and it cost only 2 euro to go and come back from Barcelona.

HOTEL: We booked a hostel  for 3 days! Hostel name is Residencia Albergue Studio. It is not so far away from the main city and i like it so much because it was really near from the metro station. And the breakfast was included! Really cheap place to live in tour!

Place 1: Park Guell is really famous in Barcelona because it designed by Gaudí. It is kind of a park where you can take lots of pictures! 
Park Guell — in Barcelona - Spain.

Place 2: The second place we went to visit is Sagrada familia. It is a church which is also designed by Gaudí. I will say buy the ticket online for going inside the church otherwise you have to wait in queues for couple of hours!
Sagrada familia — in Barcelona - Spain.
Place 3: This is my all time favorite place sea beach! I just love beach! So you can say in Barcelona my another main attraction was sea beach. Near to the beach you will find a really expensive hotel which is call "W". Everyday evening for one hour they allow mango people (who is not living in their hotel) to go top of the building! And trust me it was a awesome view from there! 


W hotel
Place 4: Near to the beach you will find a aquarium which under the sea! It is not very big aquariam. But i like their collection of fish. I saw shark there which was swimming over my head! And yes on beach side you will find lots of sea beach food restaurants! I love those because of the view!

Aquarium Barcelona
Restaurant in front of beach  

Place 5: And yes i did not forgot to visit the football filed! Out side you can find shop from where you can buy original jersey from team Barcelona!

FC Barcelona

Place 6: At night you can go to the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc. To see the color full water acrobatics with music! It was a totall new experience for me!

Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

Food: For sure if you are going to Spain try paella! I ate them everyday once as long i was at Barcelona!


Hope you enjoy my review!

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