Saturday, July 30, 2016

La-roche-posay eye makeup remover review

Hello every one. As I mentioned before that eyeliner is one of my best friend for my daily life. I dont get out  without making a wing on my eyes. So at the end of the day i need a good eye makeup remover. If you followed my blog you can see before i gave two different brand eye makeup remover review. Who didnt read them here is the link Maybelline eye makeup remover review  and Balea augen makeup entferner review. Today i am going to talk about La-roche-posay eye makeup remover.

It says for use: Apply with a cotton wool pad. No rinsing. External use only.
Respects lacrymal PH. High make-up removal efficacy and makeup removal surfactants selected for an optimal tolerance.No soap, No alcohol,No colorant, No parabens.

Comparison: First if i want to compare this product with Maybelline eye makeup remover review  and Balea augen makeup entferner review First thing comes about price. Of-course it is way more expensive then Maybelline eye makeup remover review  and Balea augen makeup entferner review. It cost 13.95 where Maybelline cost 2.95euro and Balea cost 1.50euro. Second thing i found the difference is that Maybelline and Balea both eye makeup remover contains oil but La-roche-posay eye makeup remover only contain makeup remover, no oil.

My point of view: If i only think about La-roche-posay eye makeup remover i will say definitely it is a really good product, dont irritate my eyes while removing eyeliner. My eyes are really sensitive and have allergy issue. So when i saw this product formulated with a minimum of ingredients to limit the risks of allergies, I brought it to try. I am happy with the product! On the other hand Maybelline also dont irritate my eyes. So from the price view i will go for  Maybelline. But if you have really allergicall issue and fell itching with other eye makeup remover for once go for La-roche-posay eye makeup remover.

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